SINOHEC attending the World New Energy Vehicle Congress in 2019 and striving to be the leader of China's "hydrogen era"


‘With the emergence of a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, the new energy automobile industry is entering a new stage of accelerated development, which not only injects strong new momentum into the economic growth of countries, but also helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, meet the challenges of climate change and improve the global ecological environment.’

——Xi Jinping's congratulations to WNCVC

With the approval of the State Council, the World New Energy Vehicle Congress (WNEVC), co-sponsored by the Chinese Association of Science and Technology and the Hainan Provincial People's Government, was solemnly held in Boao, Hainan, from July 1 to 3. The theme of the conference is "New Age, New Change and New Industries", focusing on the transformation and upgrading of the global automotive industry and the continuous improvement of the ecological environment. State Councilor Wang Yong attended the plenary meeting, read out President Xi Jinping's congratulatory letter to the Congress and delivered a speech.

Wan Gang, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC National Committee and Chairman of China Association of Science and Technology, visited the exhibition stand of SINOHEC, which is subsidiary to SINOMEC. Wan Gang affirms the independent research and development technology of hydrogen fuel cell stack of SINOHEC, and encourages SINOHEC to improve the safety performance of hydrogen-powered vehicles through key technology research and development, and to develop and produce a "car heart" with excellent technology.

Fan Chinbo, Chief Technical Officer of SINOHEC, attended the summit and delivered a keynote speech on "Reflections on Fuel Cell Research and Development". He shared his thoughts and feelings in the research and development of hydrogen fuel cell technology from the perspective of national energy policy and energy structure.

"Hydrogen Service", "Hydrogen Conversion", "Hydrogen Application"... With the development of hydrogen fuel cell technology, "hydrogen era" is striding towards us. This means that a stage on "hydrogen energy" has begun, and only "performers" who are technically, innovatively and skilled in quality have to show their skills. SINOHEC is one of them. As a representative of the field of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, SINOHEC was invited to attend WNEVC in 2019 to share the prospective research and latest industrial practices in the field of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

At the conference, the research team of SINOHEC shared the wisdom of the central enterprises in the field of hydrogen energy automobiles with more than 1200 government decision makers, business leaders and authoritative experts and scholars around the world, and contributed to the innovative "China Program".

Practice has repeatedly proved that the key core technology is whether to come, not to buy, not to ask for. As a platform of the whole industry chain of hydrogen fuel cell with core technology, independent intellectual property rights and independent manufacturing characteristics, SINOHEC demonstrated its R&D and production capacity of graphite plate stack, metal plate stack, bipolar plate, membrane electrode, catalysts, diffusion layer and system application in the conference.

To have international competitiveness and voice power, we have to work hard, and more importantly, we have to work hard. Short range and long charging time are the common problems of pure electric vehicles. Hydrogen fuel cells can make up for this shortcoming, but technology research and development must not be "one size fits all". Duan Yulin, general manager of SINOMEC, said in an interview with the media about the differences between electric vehicles and hydrogen energy vehicles in the technical routes, "We still have no final conclusion about the controversy of the battery production process and whether the battery recycling is environmentally friendly, but from the whole chain, hydrogen fuel cells are environmentally friendly. There is no doubt about that. In the future, power batteries and hydrogen energy sources are more likely to coexist for a long time, such as the extended-range electric vehicle, which combines the advantages of power batteries and hydrogen fuel cells to make it have a more perfect use ecology.

SINOMEC, as a service provider of integrated energy and environment solutions under SINOMACH, is one step in the research and development of hydrogen fuel cell technology in the field of clean energy. In the future, SINOMEC and SINOHEC will continue to make greater efforts to be the leader of China's "hydrogen era" with higher technology and stronger strength, and make greater contributions to building a clean and beautiful world and promoting the construction of a community of human destiny.

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