SINOMEC Hydrogen Energy Technology Co.,Ltd.

Sino Mechanical Energy Corporation Hydrogen Energy Technology (SINOHEC) is a subsidiary of Sino Mechanical Energy Corporation (SINOMEC), jointly established with Tsinghua University and exceptional international experts. SINOHEC focuses on building a hydrogen fuel cell industry chain with proprietary intellectual properties and proprietary know-hows. SINOMEC is a subsidiary of SINOMACH, which is a backbone state-owned enterprise directly under the Central Government. SINOMEC is a comprehensive energy solutions supplier that can offer energy investment and operation, energy project construction, energy technology R&D and energy supply services.

SINOHEC emphasizes the combination of industry, education and research, and motivated by professionals and technological innovation. In 2017, SINOHEC established a joint hydrogen fuel cell laboratory with Tsinghua University to push the hydrogen energy industry chain to complete the "last mile" from laboratory to commercialization. SINOHEC promotes zero-emission hydrogen energy towards sustainable and affordable development in a "one-stop" complete industrial chain service supporting manner so as to make green development no longer a dream.

To date, SINOHEC has R&D and production capabilities to manufacture fuel cell components including graphite bipolar plates (machined and molded); metal bipolar plates, catalysts, gas diffusion layers, and other accessories. From the components, SINOHEC produces liquid and air cooled fuel cell stacks power ranging from 100W to 120kW or as needed from customers. The Company’s products are widely used in UAVs (drones), portable and stationary power generators, sightseeing vehicles, cars, boats, and military supplies.

Moving forward, SINOHEC will continue to uphold the concept of green development. It will harness its forward-looking vision to actively organize the entire industry chain and lead the hydrogen energy industry. Through its iterative technological innovation capabilities, it will continue to bring in new blood for the development of hydrogen energy. Its relentless efforts will contribute towards the clear and stunning outlook for the future.

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