01Membrane Electrode

The membrane electrode assembly (MEA) has a power density of 1.2W/cm2 at 0.6V, low cost, even thickness and long service life (>5000h).

02Carbon Paper

Carbon paper is the core material in the membrane electrode assembly (MEA) of PEMFC, acting as a bridge between the catalyst layer and bipolar plate. Carbon paper introduce reactant gas from the graphite plate flow field to the catalyst layer. Carbon paper has thickness of 0.26mm, density of 0.3g/cm3, specific weight of 115g/m2, porosity of 78%, resistivity of <15mΩ/cm2 and PTFE content of 10%.

03Graphite Bipolar Plates

The GBP has a density of 1.71-1.85g/cm3, resistivity <11μΩm, compressive strength ≥49MPa, flexural strength ≥ 55MPa, porosity ≤0.10%, thickness 2.1mm and mechanical accuracy ±0.02mm.


Pt/C catalysts with different Pt mass fractions (40%-70%) can be made according to different customer requirements. The catalyst particle size is smaller than 4nm with an electrochemical active area of more than 100m2/g.

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